7 Benefits of Using Ductile Iron Pipes

7 Benefits of Using Ductile Iron Pipes

7 Benefits of Using Ductile Iron Pipes

What are the benefits of using ductile iron pipes?

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Improved ductility
  3. Superior strength and resistance
  4. Easier to install
  5. Improved joints
  6. Lower pumping costs
  7. Made from recycled material


Considering replacing your plumbing, or upgrading your sewer lines? Not sure what kind of pipe to use? In certain situations, there are many benefits of ductile iron pipes that you can gain for your property. While ductile iron pipes are normally used for transporting potable water, they can also be the material of choice for home plumbing and sewage systems. Read on to learn more!



One of the benefits of using ductile iron is that these pipes can provide well over 100 years of high-quality performance. There are ductile iron pipes all over the world that are still in service even after 150 years. One of the biggest examples of ductile iron pipe’s longevity can be found in the fountains of Versailles, France — they were used by the palace for over 300 years before needing to be replaced and repaired.

What makes ductile iron so long-lasting? The answer lies in ductile iron’s ability to avoid common metal weakness and degradation over time. Most materials (such as cast iron or PVC) suffer from structural issues known as “creep” and “stress regression.” These can cause materials to degrade and lose strength over time. Creep and stress regression are also worsened by constant changes in temperature, pressure, and other performance factors.


Improved ductility

Improved ductility

How does ductile iron manage to overcome the constant changes in temperature, pressure, and environment? It can do so due to its higher levels of ductility. Ductility refers to a metal’s ability to be drawn, extruded, and deformed without becoming damaged. It is a good indicator of how malleable and formable the metal is.

This type of pipe gets its name from how easily formed the iron alloys are. This means that ductile iron pipes are quickly manufactured, and it is likely that each pipe would be made without any fractures, dents, or similar defects. It also means it can withstand additional stress and pressure without breaking or fracturing either.


Superior strength and resistance

Despite ductile iron pipes having similar chemical properties to cast iron pipes, ductile iron has superior strength and resistance. This comes from the significant casting requirements, metallurgical processes, and improved quality control in its manufacturing.

When creating ductile iron, there is an improved manufacturing process that changes the structure of the graphite in the iron. In cast iron, this graphite would be in a flake-like shape. In ductile iron, this graphite is changed into a spheroidal or nodular shape. This is achieved by adding an inoculant (usually magnesium) into molten iron during manufacture.

Due to this new graphite structure, ductile iron has almost twice the strength of cast iron. This is shown by the improved results of ductile iron in tensile, beam, ring bending, and bursting tests. Additionally, ductile iron’s ability to withstand impact and elongation is many times greater than cast iron.


Easier to install

Easier to install

Ductile iron pipes are much lighter and easier to lay into sewer lines than most other pipes — such as grey iron or cast iron pipes. Additionally, they require no additional treatment or encasements to be laid directly against soils.

However, you can choose to use polyethylene encasements to enhance the pipe’s corrosion resistance against moisture and soils. This process is also economical — the pipes are simply wrapped with sheets or tubes before installation, and the pipes remain easy to carry and lay into sewer systems.

Additionally, on the off chance that a leak occurs, repairs can be done quite easily. A majority of the time, leaks can be addressed without needing to replace whole sections of the ductile iron pipe. Instead, repairs can be done in-place using resin repair sleeves to effectively block all leaks.


Improved joints

Joints for ductile iron pipes are also much more simple than those used for other piping options. This means that joints are easier to install and repair for ductile iron pipes. Additionally, these joints are capable of more deflection than other pipe joints. Ductile iron pipe joints can be deflected by up to 5 degrees, while other pipes are often unable to be deflected at the joints. This means that ductile iron pipes reduce the need for pipe bending, which reduces the chances of stressing or fracturing the metal.


Lower pumping costs

Lower pumping costs

Ductile iron pipes have larger inside diameters compared to other pipe options. This means that water systems can achieve maximum water flows through these pipes. As a result, your pumping mechanisms need to work less to pump water throughout your whole plumbing system. In the end, you will experience lower pumping costs due to the ductile iron pipe’s larger inside diameter. As a plus, it also has better burst strength, which helps it resist high-pressure water flows and sudden pressure surges.


Made from recycled material

Ductile iron is fabricated using recycled steel and iron scrap metals. These recycled materials make up about 95% of the ductile iron composition. The high level of recycled components also makes ductile iron pipes 100% recyclable itself. What this means is that the costs of ordering and manufacturing ductile iron are reduced, and even if your pipes get damaged, you can have them recycled into new pipes for your home.


Key Takeaway

The benefits of ductile iron pipe give many advantageous effects for the plumbing systems in a home. Its long life, strength, and resistance can give homeowners peace of mind that can only be gained from a reliable product. Interested in using these pipes for your property? Contact Metal Exponents today to receive high-grade ductile iron products at competitive rates!

7 Benefits of Using Ductile Iron Pipes

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