4 Steel Matting Sizes in the Philippines

4 Steel Matting Sizes in the Philippines

4 Steel Matting Sizes in the Philippines

What are the common steel matting sizes in the Philippines?

  1. 4 feet by 8 feet
  2. 6 feet by 10 feet
  3. 2 meters by 2.4 meters
  4. 2.1 meters by 2.4 meters


  • Steel matting, renowned for its strength and reliability, finds versatile applications across various industries.
  • Four common steel matting sizes cater to different project requirements and strength capabilities.
  • When you need top-quality steel matting, Metal Exponents is your trusted source.

Steek matting exemplifies the enduring resilience and flexibility of steel in construction and infrastructure projects. It serves as a fundamental element across various applications, from fencing and flooring to structural reinforcement and custom projects.

This article highlights the four steel matting sizes in the Philippines. We’ll also uncover their diverse uses and contributions to our built environment. Read on to learn more.

4 Feet by 8 Feet

This matting size is a popular choice due to its versatility and ease of handling. It is utilized for a wide range of smaller-scale applications.


This size of steel matting offers a durable and non-slip surface for walkways, platforms, or small flooring areas like workshops, garages, or storage facilities. Its robust construction withstands heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for both industrial and residential use.

Door and Window Screens

This size helps you enhance your space by providing both security against intruders and protection from insects. This not only boosts functionality but also adds a stylish flair to your surroundings.

DIY Projects

The 4 feet by 8 feet is the go-to choice for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and small-scale builders tackling a range of projects. Whether you’re building shelving units, workbenches, or garden structures, its manageable size makes it perfect for home workshops or backyard projects.

6 Feet by 10 Feet

6 feet by 10 feet

Ideal for fencing larger properties or building scaffolding platforms, the 6 feet by 10 feet steel matting size provides ample coverage, catering perfectly to medium-scale applications.

Scaffolding Platforms

Its ample dimensions are a reliable foundation and provide sturdy support for workers, tools, and materials at elevated heights. This ensures safety and stability throughout the project.

Medium-Scale Fencing

This size is widely chosen for fencing projects needing expanded coverage, such as perimeter fencing for medium-sized properties, construction sites, or agricultural areas. Its taller stature compared to the standard size offers increased security and protection.

Barriers and Enclosures

Ideal for temporary construction enclosures, safety barriers, or crowd control at events, these steel matting panels provide a versatile solution that can be swiftly installed and removed as required.

2 Meters by 2.4 Meters

The generous dimensions of this matting make it ideal for larger-scale applications requiring sturdy and reliable structures.

Base for Heavy Equipment and Machinery

In industrial settings like manufacturing plants, warehouses, or construction sites, this size of steel matting is a stable and reliable base for setting up equipment or machinery. It provides a secure foundation for heavy loads, ensuring safety and stability during operations.

Animal Control

Opting for larger steel matting panels is ideal when it comes to animal enclosures, especially for livestock or those in zoos or sanctuaries. You get extensive coverage and robust construction, ensuring the safety of the animals while standing up to their considerable strength.

Outdoor Flooring

This size is beneficial for outdoor storage yards, parking lots, or expansive industrial facilities, serving as efficient flooring solutions. Their durable surface can withstand heavy traffic, vehicle loads, and environmental elements, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging conditions.

2.1 Meters by 2.4 Meters

2.1 meters by 2.4 meters

With dimensions slightly different from standard sizes, this type offers a unique option for tailored applications requiring a customized fit or coverage. It is often favored for its versatility in meeting specific project needs with precision and efficiency.

Partition Walls

These matting panels are a versatile tool for constructing partition walls or dividers in industrial or commercial environments. This facilitates the organization of work areas and the creation of distinct zones within expansive spaces.

Custom Flooring

When it comes to customized flooring needs, like irregularly shaped platforms or walkways, this size steps in as the perfect solution. Its adaptability allows it to be tailored precisely to fit specific dimensions, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Security Enclosures

This steel matting size is perfect for creating secure enclosures in industrial settings. Its larger dimensions offer enhanced security and versatile design options, making it ideal for safeguarding equipment, machinery, or storage areas that require extra coverage or protection.

Key Takeaway

We’ve just explored the diverse range of steel matting sizes in the Philippines, offering the ideal solution for any project. Renowned for its versatility and durability, it finds extensive use in construction, fencing, flooring, and industrial applications. With its unmatched strength, reliability, and adaptability, it remains a cornerstone in shaping structures across various industries.

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4 Steel Matting Sizes in the Philippines

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