6 Benefits of Quality Control In Metal Fabrication

6 Benefits of Quality Control In Metal Fabrication

6 Benefits of Quality Control In Metal Fabrication

6 Benefits of Quality Control In Metal Fabrication

What are the benefits of quality control for metal fabrication services?

  1. Creates high-quality products
  2. Establishes consistency
  3. Lessens risks and hazards
  4. Improves cost-effectiveness
  5. Ensures compliance with industry standards
  6. Enhances customer relationship

When looking to create or source the best metal products, it’s crucial to get them from a manufacturer that closely follows an in-house quality control system. This is a non-negotiable process for any project but is especially important when it comes to metal fabrication. There are several benefits of quality control in metal fabrication. Not only does it improve your metal products, but it creates a win-win situation for both you and your partnered metal fabricator. 

Read on to learn why quality control is a must for your metal products.

Creates high-quality products

There are more variables when it comes to working with metal than you think. Fabricators not only have to think about where their steel comes from, but also their alloy compositions, and the formation processes they go through.

Quality control begins right at the selection of materials. This allows metal fabricators to choose only the best quality steel for their standard and custom-made products. As a result, they can guarantee each one of their products has the qualities it should have. This involves a series of careful checks, inspections, and tests of the supplier’s samples before fabricators choose steel for their products. 

Once fabricators have high-quality materials to work with, they can use them to make their usual products or pieces commissioned by their clients. Quality control practices are used to ensure these items are made to exact specifications and perform as advertised. 

Establishes consistency

Establishes consistency

Quality control doesn’t just affect the end product. It also improves the manufacturing process itself. With such practices, manufacturers can standardize their fabrication processes, which ensures each client benefits from the same level of workmanship and tooling. This is sustained regardless of how complex or difficult the project may be, as a good quality control program ensures ongoing consistency.

Lessens risks and hazards

Another benefit of quality control in metal fabrication is enhanced safety for workers. Because quality control requires regular and consistent checking and testing, it allows manufacturers to catch potential problems before it becomes a deadly hazard. 

For example, if a machine is not working quite right, a quality control check will identify it quickly, and repairs and maintenance can be done to correct it before it breaks down mid-production.

Quality control programs also make sure that each worker is fully trained on best safety practices. This reduces the likelihood of them making mistakes while using heavy-duty machines. 

Likewise, this enhanced safety is a benefit to end-users. Diligent quality control practices will always double-check a metal product at every step of fabrication. This ensures no flaws ever make it to the final product. As a result, each metal product that leaves the factory floor is safe for their clients to use. 

Here are a few other ways that quality control helps lessen risks with metal fabrication

  • Regularly re-evaluating fabrication designs to avoid faulty products.
  • Only using materials that satisfy the OSHA code (The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Act)
  • Ensuring welders, tackers, and machine operators are all qualified to use the equipment.
  • Equipping workers with proper personal protective gear at all times.
  • Using the correct handling, storing, and shipping practices for metal products.

Improves cost-effectiveness

Quality control practices used to ensure safety for both employees and customers are also crucial in keeping operations as cost-effective as possible. This is because every error made in production or defect found in a product can be expensive to resolve. For example, a faulty product will require a product recall, which burns a hole in your budget. 

Implementing quality control practices early on in the fabrication process helps manufacturers to avoid such costly mistakes in the long run. Instead, they achieve reliable production and a consistent level of quality — which ultimately lessens your expenses.

Furthermore, this benefit is passed down to end-users. If manufacturing metal products is cost-effective, then manufacturers can price their products more competitively — allowing those down the supply chain to save more money. 

Ensures compliance with industry standards

Ensures compliance with industry standards

All fabricated metal products need to meet their industry’s quality control standards. If they do not meet these standards, then both you and your manufacturer are at risk of costly fines, legal charges, and many more liabilities.

This is why a good quality control program is crucial for your metal fabrication project. Manufacturers will typically show that they can readily meet such industry standards through certifications, such as accreditations, licenses, and other permits and documentation. These things show that they consistently adhere to any regulatory standards they need to. 

Enhances customer relationship

Quality control is the key to ensuring both you and your chosen metal fabrication partner understand the expectations you have of their products. Furthermore, it ensures that you will always receive consistently high-quality products.

On the other end, manufacturers show that they follow strict quality control practices because it helps them build up their customer relationships, and increases their chance for repeat business.

Key Takeaway

There are many benefits of quality control in metal fabrication — which is why metal suppliers like Metal Exponents go the extra mile in following quality control programs. Our team recognizes its importance in creating safe, high-quality, and industrially compliant metal products for our clients. Send us a message today to learn more about our commitment to quality control, and how our products are a step above the rest.

6 Benefits of Quality Control In Metal Fabrication

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