6 Ways That Steel Channel Is Often Used

6 Ways That Steel Channel Is Often Used

6 Ways That Steel Channel Is Often Used

What are the applications of steel channels?

  1. Walls
  2. Door and window frames
  3. Fencing and barriers
  4. Wood beam supports
  5. Large, freestanding signage
  6. Commercial and industrial buildings

A steel channel is one of the most versatile types of steel because it’s available in different sizes and dimensions. It has a cross-section, a vertical web, and horizontal top and bottom flanges. On top of that, it is much lighter and more flexible compared to other steel products, such as L-beams. It’s used in many industries including construction, manufacturing, automotive, and agriculture to reinforce their projects and infrstructure.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the ways that a steel channel is often used. Read on to learn more.


Steel channels can be used to add support when building walls for a house, garage, warehouse, or other infrastructure. They are installed vertically from the bottom plate to the top plate of the wall to support the overall wall structure. However, it is not easy to put them together, since it requires bolting, riveting, and welding rather than just using an electric driller and a ring shank or screw shank nails to attach them to the wall.

They are useful for allowing more distance between the vertical poles of the wall and in providing sturdiness without twisting or warping, which ensures that the walls are built strong.

Door and Window Frames

Door and Window Frames

Steel channels are the first choice of various industries when creating sturdy window and door frames for their buildings. They gently slide over the door and window frames, creating a flat surface in the opening that’s useful for mounting the structure.

They are suitable for both wooden and metal frames, basement doors, and commercial fire doors because of their smooth and secure surface. Compared to wood, steel channels are considered safer to use as well.

Fencing and Barriers

Fencing and barriers are often used for the security and privacy of people within a property, so they need to be made from a high-quality steel product. This steel type has a strong quality that makes it hard for potential intruders to come in. It can also withstand external forces including weather, wind, and vehicle impacts that might damage property.

Besides those benefits, steel channels are also durable and versatile. They can be welded, cut, and formed easily into various shapes and sizes to suit clients’ preferences. Lastly, they can be galvanized, which means they can be coated with zinc to prevent corrosion or rust.

Wood Beam Supports

Steel channels are also applicable as wood beam supports. It adds the rigidity that is required in a wood-framed building. The wood beams can be placed inside a large steel channel, offering extra strength while still allowing easy attachment of components to the wood beam.

A smaller steel channel can also be used and placed at the bottom of the beam, supported by posts, to increase the strength of the existing beam. Finally, it can also be placed on the beam’s top as a cap, providing more strength during construction.

Large, Freestanding Signage

Signage helps in creating a safer and more efficient environment for everyone both on public and private property. It’s only important to ensure that signage, whether it’s a simple directional or complex sign, is made from durable material including steel channels.

The steel channel is mounted to a wall to attach the sign to it using bolts, fasteners, or screws. This provides a stable and strong base for the sign, ensuring it remains securely in place even in bad weather conditions.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, steel channels are widely used in various industries. Their metal buildings become stronger in the long run when built with steel channels and other steel products.

Steel channels can also be used as studs, braces, girts, and joists, and whenever the strength of the l-beams is not enough. Furthermore, they are usually the main supporting component when constructing a metal building to provide enough strength and sturdiness across the building.

Key Takeaway

Steel channels provide excellent strength and reinforcement. Because of this, many industries use steel channels to support their projects. In this article, we’ve detailed just some of the ways that a steel channel is often used.

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6 Ways That Steel Channel Is Often Used

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