Advantages of Metal Extrusion

Advantages of Metal Extrusion

Advantages of Metal Extrusion

What are the advantages of metal extrusion?

  1. Produces different structures
  2. High flexibility
  3. Precise products
  4. Eliminates welding


When it comes to manufacturing metals into desired shapes and sizes, manufacturers have to think about the various properties of the metal. Aside from this, they would also have to consider employing a number of different techniques in order to get the desired product. One of these techniques is called metal extrusion, and its advantages are something you may want to keep in mind.


What is metal extrusion?

As a metal fabrication process, metal extrusion involves shaping a metal material — whether this is aluminum or steel — into the desired form. This material typically starts out as a billet or a bar of metal which is subject to further fabrication processes. In metal extrusion, the billet, usually cylindrical in shape, is forced to flow through a hollow cavity with fixed cross-sectional profiles. The resulting materials are called extrudates. The entire process has been made possible by a high-force hydraulic press and can result in many different kinds of aluminum or steel fittings for different purposes.

Though the metal extrusion process can involve a variety of other factors, such as temperature, the complexity of the application, and the like, the process remains relatively the same.


Produces different structures

Produces different structures

From the onset, one advantage of metal extrusion is that it is able to produce a variety of different structures that can be utilized in many kinds of industries. Depending on the kind of metal extrusion process, it can lead to the production of bars, tubes, types, and other steel or aluminum-based metal products ranging from simple to more complex cross-sections.

This process can be used to manufacture steel tracks, for example. Generally, steel tracks are utilized in various building spaces – whether this is commercial, retail, or industrial. Products that have undergone the extrusion process are relatively lightweight and durable — highly desirable traits for use in partitions.

The benefits of steel or aluminum are something that you may not want to miss out on. If steel has already undergone a galvanization process, then steel partitions can offer an added layer of strength. Furthermore, these materials are resistant to corrosion and can last a lifetime, offering a building with more cost-efficient solutions.


High flexibility

Another advantage of the metal extrusion process is the high level of flexibility involved. As mentioned before, a billet is pushed through a cross-sectional cavity by way of a hydraulic press. As such, there is already a high level of flexibility when it comes to the design of the cavity, or the frame.

Industries such as the construction, automotive, agricultural, or even the HVAC industry can take advantage of the many possibilities of materials that can be produced through the extrusion process. For example, extrusion can produce hollow stainless steel tubes or pipes. These materials are widely used in HVAC systems for the transfer of fluids such as gas or water in order to power different kinds of thermal and cooling systems. On the other hand, the automotive industry relies on this process for a number of car parts such as windows, frames, doors, fittings, and the like.

The high level of flexibility with regards to the design of the cross-section, as well as the use of highly workable metals like steel and aluminum is what makes metal extrusion one of the most practical methods in metalworking.


Precise products

Advantages of Metal Extrusion

Similarly, because the process involves a meticulously-shaped cross-sectional profile, the resulting products from different procedures of metal extrusion can be guaranteed to possess precise dimensions and measurements. Whether you’re looking to procure parts for a particular project, or whether you’re the owner of an industrial plant looking to secure small components, precision should be on the top of your list.

To give another example, some components of various kinds of pipe fittings have undergone the metal extrusion process as part of the entire production process. When it comes to sealing non-seamless pipes, fittings need to be able to have accurate dimensions so that they could prevent instances of leaks and other kinds of defects which can cause major problems on the entire system.

The precision with which the extrusion method allows makes it possible for many industries to seamlessly incorporate the materials in their operations. Furthermore, precision also offers them a high level of customization.


Eliminates welding

As mentioned before, products of metal extrusion contain accurate and highly precise measurements. Another benefit of this process is that it eliminates the need for more higher-intensive processes, such as welding.

Welding takes a lot more skill and manual labor and may take a lot of time, especially when it comes to fine-tuning irregularities in metal products. This process would also require more fixtures. You may even end up having to waste materials just to get the desired shape that you want.

With a dedicated cross-sectional design, you can reduce the need for this secondary process which can be time-consuming and can exhaust more of your resources. Manufacturers have also gotten creative in the way by which they utilize the extrusion process. They can also produce interlocking parts that are convenient and create better storage outcomes.


Key Takeaway

The advantages of metal extrusion are not something that manufacturers should overlook. This kind of metalworking process creates higher quality products without the need for secondary time-consuming procedures, such as welding. As long as all the components of the metal extrusion machine are in working order, any kind of desired extrudates may be achieved.

With the simple guide above, you’ll hopefully have been introduced to just some of the benefits of this process.

Advantages of Metal Extrusion

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