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5 Uses Of Metal Casting

What are the uses of metal casting? Automotive Medical Electronics Aerospace Plant Machinery Metal casting is a thousand-year-old metalworking technique that dates back to 3200 BCE and was first used in manufacturing and fine art. Over the years, new metal casting processes were developed and became widely used for creating various objects, like jewelry and […]

6 Important Shearing Machine Safety Precautions

What are some important shearing machine safety precautions? Check all covers and safety enhancements Wear proper clothing and PPE Keep away from cutting parts Keep the machine in shape Turn the lights up Turn it off properly after using Working with and fabricating metal sheets is a job that requires the assistance of a shearing […]

How to Check Sheet Metal Quality

How to check sheet metal quality? Cupping Test Coordinate-measuring machine 2D Inspection/3D Scanning Quality Audit   Being in the metalworking industry also means you’ll be handling sheet metal at some point in your career. It is a very common metal product that has plenty of applications, and fabrication usually happens within the factory. Sheet metal […]

5 Most Common Metal Alloys and Their Uses

What are the most common metal alloys? Brass Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Bronze Aluminum Alloy   In the metal industry, there are many different types that could be used, and part of the job is knowing what each metal is best used for. Experienced metalworkers should already be knowledgeable about the uses of the different […]

6 Common Uses of Steel Wire

What are the common uses of steel wire? Construction Aerospace Manufacturing Automotive Entertainment Mining   The steel wire is a metallic, cylindrical, and flexible strand that is commonly used to conduct electricity. With it, you can form a wire rope which has even more uses in both private and public sector industries. Some applications you […]

5 Safety Rules for Metal Work

What are some safety rules for metal work? Wear the proper PPE Always check safeguards Keep a clear working environment Make precautions for potential health and fire hazards Maintain and repair all equipment as needed   Because of its physical properties, working with metal comes with significant safety risks. It would be incredibly easy for […]

6 Misconceptions About Metal Fabrication

What are the common misconceptions about metal fabrication? You don’t need an engineer A good presentation means a good fabricator The lowest bid will give the best returns There’s no need for product inspections Galvanizing metal is too expensive It’s hard to find high-quality metal products in the Philippines   In the business of metal […]


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