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37 Tips for Sheet Pile Installation Methods

Sheet piles are sheets of heavy-duty construction material with interlocking edges that are used to retain soil to support excavations and construct certain structures like seawalls, bulkheads, dams, and barriers to water flow. These are usually made of steel and installed via cranes into the soil along the perimeter of the planned excavation. In another […]

7 Uses Of Steel Plates For Different Projects

What are the uses of steel plates for different projects? Construction projects Shipping projects Military projects Appliance projects Automotive projects Gas and oil pipeline projects Road work projects   Steel plates are made up of steel layers that are compressed together to form plates. Those plates can be cut or welded as necessary. Thus, they […]

Ductile Iron Pipe: Why It’s Best For Water And Wastewater

Why ductile iron pipe is the best for water and wastewater pipelines? High machinability Resistant to corrosion High durability Eco-friendly  Low maintenance One of the requirements for households, industries, and businesses is water and wastewater pipelines. That’s why it’s pivotal to determine the properties of the pipe materials that you’ll be using to ensure that […]

How to Maintain Your Steel Pipes

How do you maintain steel pipes? Choose high-quality pipes Avoid metal-to-metal contact Don’t move them too much Inspect them thoroughly Clean and polish them regularly Repair broken pipes Replace damaged pipes Steel pipes are utilized for a variety of things in many industries. They’re commonly used in water supply systems, plumbing, construction, natural gas systems, […]

4 Types Of Steel Plates Used For Construction

What are the different types of steel plates used for construction?  Checkered Plates Galvanized Plates  Mid Steel Plates B.I. and G.I. Plates  Steel plate is the term used for any steel material formed into a plate. This is one of the most versatile metal materials as it comes in various widths, lengths, and finishes. Steel […]

How To Install Corrugated Roofing Sheets?

How to install corrugated roofing sheets? Determine the accurate overlap and overhang Cut the corrugated roofing sheets to size Determine the overlap direction Fix the first sheet to your purlins Fix the remaining Sheets Add flashing Corrugated roofing sheets are known for their leak-proof and long-lasting properties, which is why many construction project owners prefer […]

Everything You Need To Know About Steel Channels

What do you need to know about steel channels? What steel channels are How steel channels are made Why steel is best for metal channels Types of steel channels Applications of steel channels   Among all the products that you can get from a steel manufacturer in the Philippines such as Metal Exponents, one of […]

7 Benefits Of Steel Coils

What are the benefits of steel coils? Low maintenance Durable and resistant to heat Offers lower energy bills Safe to use Finest look Lower environmental impact Affordably priced Steel coil manufacturing involves taking a metal sheet and placing them into a continuously rolling machinery, which reduces its thickness. Thus, steel coils are metal sheets that […]

5 Industrial Uses of Stainless Steel

What are the uses of stainless steel in different industries? Food and Restaurant Industry  Hospital and Medicine Industry  Architecture and Construction Industry  Automotive Industry  Aerospace Industry  With the boom of the industrial revolution came the improvement of designs and applications of previous inventions. The most noteworthy of all is the experimentation and resulting augmentation of […]

What’s the Difference Between Tool Steel and Stainless Steel?

What is the difference between tool steel and stainless steel? Composition Properties Applications When the word “steel” comes into mind, it would not come as a surprise for many to suppose that there is only one kind of steel. However, within the steel category itself, there are different kinds. In this article, we discuss further […]


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