5 Types of Steel Used in Construction

What are the different types of steel used in construction? Steel rebar Alloy steel Stainless steel Tool steel Mild steel   Various types of steel are used in construction and are not just limited to familiar materials, such as those for structural purposes. Being one of the most durable materials in the market, steel products […]

5 Advantages of Steel Frame Construction

What are the advantages of steel frame construction? Durable Cost-effective Can be manufactured in various sizes Handles wind uplift Better fire rating   A building’s framework serves as the backbone for all buildings. Its quality defines just how well a building is able to resist environmental conditions and other potentially harmful natural disasters that can […]

What are the Different Types of Metal Extrusion Processes?

What are the different types of metal extrusion processes? Cold extrusion Hot extrusion Micro extrusion Friction extrusion Impact extrusion   Extrusion is one of the most important techniques used in metal fabrication. Although the processes may vary across various types of metal extrusion processes, the idea remains relatively consistent throughout each method. It starts by […]

6 Types of Metal Fabrication

What are the different types of metal fabrication? Cutting Metal stamping Welding Extrusion Forging Casting   Before a raw metal material can be used for manufacture and assembly, it still needs to undergo different types of metal fabrication techniques. These processes can vary, depending on the purpose of the metal, but they can nevertheless be […]

4 Defects in Galvanized Coatings

What are some defects in galvanized coatings? Ungalvanized parts Dark stains Embrittlement Uneven surfaces   Many of the defects in galvanized coatings can be attributed to the method of galvanization, speed, temperature, or even the appearance of the material. As much as the metal fabricator tries to avoid problems in the galvanization process, they may […]

What Are the Benefits of Steel Rebar?

What are the benefits of steel rebar? Provides Support to Structures High Ductility Impact-Resistant Easy Assembly Recyclable   The construction industry has long been aware of the many benefits of the steel rebar and how essential it is in setting up concrete structures. Also known as reinforcing steel bars, these simple, yet flexible materials have […]

5 Types of Welding Processes

What are the different types of welding processes? Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Gas Metal Arc Welding Flux Cored Arc Welding Electron Beam Welding Atomic Hydrogen Welding   It’s not always the case that fabricated metal parts are used in standalone applications. Most of the time, they under different types of welding processes, especially if there […]

4 Types of Pipe Bending Methods

What are the different types of pipe bending methods? Compression Bending Rotary Draw Bending Roll Bending Mandrel Tube Bending   Pipe bending or tube bending simply refers to the process of modifying pipes in order for them to achieve a certain angle or direction. The different types of pipe bending methods may differ from the […]

5 Common Uses of Structural Steel

What are the common uses of structural steel? Warehouses Parking spaces High rise buildings Bridges Agricultural infrastructure   The versatility of steel means that there are many uses of structural steel that make it one of the most preferred materials for construction and manufacturing. As an alloy, structural steel is composed of iron and carbon […]

6 Types of Pipes Used in Building Construction

What are the different types of pipes used in building construction? Carbon Steel Pipes Cast Iron Pipes Galvanized Steel Pipes Galvanized Iron Pipes Concrete Pipes PVC Pipes   The different types of pipes used in building construction all have specific uses. For example, some pipes may be practical for plumbing, while some kinds are more […]


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