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Metal Fabrication Mistakes To Avoid

What are some metal fabrication mistakes to avoid? Making assumptions Improper storage Wrong use of materials Incorrect arc striking Scheduling issues Because it involves shaping metals, metal fabrication is a very detailed industry. Precision and accuracy are both important, and mistakes can be costly. To avoid making these metal fabrication mistakes, you need to be […]

6 Reasons to Use Steel In Residential Construction

What are the reasons to use steel in residential construction? Versatile Affordable construction material Easy to install Low profiles needed Improved fire rating Eco-friendly material   Planning to design a house soon? The quality and availability of your materials are two things that you should consider. Steel, in particular, has consistently made waves in the […]

5 Advantages of Steel Over Timber

What are the advantages of steel over timber? Strength Durability Fire-resistance Protection against moisture Recyclability   Steel and timber are two popular building materials. Steel has a number of structural applications such as building frames, studs, foundations, reinforced concrete, and the like. Timber can also be used for these same purposes, but it may also […]

5 Common Uses of Structural Steel

What are the common uses of structural steel? Warehouses Parking spaces High rise buildings Houses Bridges Agricultural infrastructure   The versatility of steel means that there are many uses of structural steel that make it one of the most preferred materials for construction and manufacturing. As an alloy, structural steel is composed of iron and […]

What Are the Different Types of Heat Treatment Methods?

What are the different types of heat treatment methods? Hardening Annealing Normalizing Carburizing   The different types of heat treatment methods are typically applied to alloys such as steel. The purpose of these treatment processes is to create alterations within the material’s grain micro structuring. Manufacturers usually want to enhance or achieve the desired property […]


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