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6 Benefits of Quality Control In Metal Fabrication

6 Benefits of Quality Control In Metal Fabrication What are the benefits of quality control for metal fabrication services? Creates high-quality products Establishes consistency Lessens risks and hazards Improves cost-effectiveness Ensures compliance with industry standards Enhances customer relationship When looking to create or source the best metal products, it’s crucial to get them from a […]

5 Metal Folding Techniques To Know

What are some metal folding techniques to know? Air Bending Bottom Bending Coining Wiping Die Bending Rotary Bending The process of metal folding is quite straightforward. It involves changing the shape of metal without breaking the material. Specific machines are used to put stress on the metal to manipulate its shape beyond its yield strength […]

Metal Fabrication Mistakes To Avoid

What are some metal fabrication mistakes to avoid? Making assumptions Improper storage Wrong use of materials Incorrect arc striking Scheduling issues Because it involves shaping metals, metal fabrication is a very detailed industry. Precision and accuracy are both important, and mistakes can be costly. To avoid making these metal fabrication mistakes, you need to be […]

9 Benefits of Laser Cutting

What are the benefits of laser cutting? Flexibility Precision Versatility Consistency Speed Automation Reduced Finishing Requirements Contactless Cutting Energy Usage   Cutting is one of the most basic and widespread processes in metal fabrication. It’s crucial in shaping simple metal sheets into smaller, more complex parts. There are many different cutting methods that manufacturers use […]

5 Common Welding Symbols to Learn

What are common welding symbols to learn? Weld All Around Field Weld Intermittent Weld Fillet Welds Groove Welds   To make sure that the proper welding is done on a project, designers use symbols to communicate with the workmen. These symbols will be seen on any blueprint that requires welding to be done. Welders study […]

Robotic Welding Vs Manual Welding: The Key Differences

What are the differences between robotic welding vs manual welding? Weld Quality Welding Speed Flexibility Risks Costs   Every now and then, a major innovation comes along and changes how a certain job is done. In metal fabrication, applying robotics to welding has improved output greatly and created advantages that manual welding doesn’t have. Despite […]

9 Ways to Improve Welding Quality

What are some ways to improve welding quality? Always clean Find a good ground Choose the right gas Use both hands Pace yourself Listen Match all your equipment Use the proper method Pay attention to your bead   Sometimes, welders, especially beginners, have trouble producing high-quality beads. Their output ends up porous or cracking or […]

Steel Fastening: The Difference Between Welding and Riveting

What is the difference between welding and riveting? Permanence Rigidness Additional Parts Accessibility Heating and Expansion Difficulty   Fastening steel parts together is essential in metalworking or most other projects involving metal. Metalworkers can do this in two main ways: welding and riveting. To figure out which method you should use, you should first know […]

6 Methods of Metal Casting

What are some methods of metal casting? Permanent molds Semi-permanent molds Slush casting Centrifugal casting Sand casting Shell molding   It escapes the notice of most, but metal casting is used by a majority of industries today that helps the world function. It’s the cheaper way to produce metal machine parts, and products of metal […]

How to Choose a Metal Supplier in the Philippines

How do you choose a metal supplier in the Philippines? Choose high-quality steel. Check the supplier’s experience and reputation. Find out if they’re reliable. Look for a customer-centric company.   Choosing a supplier is an important part of being a manufacturer or any business you might have that requires good metal. It is a reliable […]


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